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Mad Devices Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) has been compiled in conformity with the applicable laws and concerns any and all personal data that Mad Devices may collect from users who access games and services provided by Mad Devices.

The Policy covers all personal data collected both before and after signing the present Policy.

Changes to the Policy

The present Policy may be occasionally modified for various reasons. Therefore, we urge you to check the present Policy for updates regularly, since your accessing of our games and services implies that you agree with the Policy provisions.

User-submitted Personal Data

Personal data include any and all information that directly or indirectly identifies an individual – a user of games or services provided by Mad Devices (subject of privacy).

Games and services provided by Mad Devices utilize personal data that you provide. Providing personal data is voluntary, but we ask you to bear in mind that some functions will remain unavailable if no data are provided.

In order to access games and services provided by Mad Devices, you may provide the following personal data: full name, e-mail address, and information given to technical support.

We may use these data to contact you in order to give some important information or send advertising material.

Automatically Collected Data

At the same time, games and services provided by Mad Devices may also collect some data automatically, such as your device type, mobile communications provider, IP address, your device's operating system and web browser, as well as information on how you use our games and services.

Providing Personal Data to a Third Party

The personal data, after being processed and anonymized, are occasionally sent to external services, such as Google Analytics for us to be able to improve our games and services. Providing personal data to a third party is governed by the law and provisions of the present Policy.

We also may provide personal and other automatically collected data:

- if it is required by the law, e.g. by a court ruling or inquiry; or

- to trusted external services that operate on our behalf.

The said services cannot use the data provided on their own and agree to follow the provisions of the present Policy.

Mad Devices may deny provision of personal data in cases stipulated by the law. We also may use your personal data without your consent if it is so required by the law.

In case Mad Devices is engaged into a merger, takeover or similar deals, or is sold, we will post a corresponding notification on our website http://maddevices.com will let you decide what you would like to do with your personal data.

Your Right to Cancel Collection and Processing of Your Personal Data

At any moment, you may delete the game and stop using Mad Devices services, in which case we will stop collecting your personal data. Also, you may send us a request to remove your personal data via e-mail: support@maddevices.com

Special Notice Concerning Children

We do not intentionally collect personal data of children under 13 via our games and services. If parents or other legal guardians find out that their child has provided his/her personal data to Mad Devices without permission, please immediately contact us by e-mail: support@maddevices.com, and we will remove such data.


Mad Devices pursues its Privacy Policy by collecting your personal data and storing them in their unmodified form. Therefore, we constantly oversee the access to user personal data. We also take every effort to protect your personal data if they are provided to a third party.

Principles and Terms of Personal Data Processing

Personal data are processed based on the following principles:

  • - personal data are collected and processed lawfully and legitimately, in accordance with the purposes explicitly stated in data-collection requests;
  • - personal data volumes and processing methods conform to the purposes of personal data processing;
  • - personal data are trustworthy and sufficient for processing goals, it is unacceptable to collect more data than it is explicitly stated in data-collection requests;
  • - it is unacceptable to combine databases with personal data collected for different and incompatible purposes;
  • - personal data that can be used to identify a subject of privacy shall be stored no longer than it is required for processing purposes;
  • - after personal data have been successfully processed or if the purposes of data processing are no longer relevant, the data shall be removed.

Personal data processing is governed by applicable laws.

Your Consent

By accessing games and services provided by Mad Devices, you state your consent to processing of your personal data as stipulated by the present Policy. Personal data processing entails the use of cookies on your devices and other types of using data, such as data collection, storage, removal, analysis, transfer, etc.


If you have any questions regarding the present Policy when playing our games, feel free to contact us by the following e-mail address:support@maddevices.com